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Complimentary Smile Visits for Children 5 and Under

Complimentary Smile Visits for Children 5 and Under We love kids, and assisting in their developing quality day-to-day oral health habits.  This means a future of bright smiles for everyone!  That’s why we’re encouraging kids to visit the dentist by offering complimentary smile visits for kids aged 5 and under. No obligations, nothing to pay, just our […]

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Snowy Day Dental Fun

Snowy Day Dental Fun Is it snowing and need a fun game to play with the kids? Children learn through playing, so why not use this snowy day as an opportunity to teach your children about dental health? Try one of our fun dental games on a snowy day to introduce your kids to good dental […]

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Halloween & Your Teeth – Okotoks Dentist

Halloween & Your Teeth Alright Mom’s and Dad’s, we all know that it is your child’s dream to get LOTS of candy on Halloween.  But, let’s be honest, this can be a parents worst nightmare for several reasons.  When your child consumes sugary food or beverages, the bacteria in the plaque on the teeth mix […]

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