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Complimentary Smile Visits for Children 5 and Under

Complimentary Smile Visits for Children 5 and Under We love kids, and assisting in their developing quality day-to-day oral health habits.  This means a future of bright smiles for everyone!  That’s why we’re encouraging kids to visit the dentist by offering complimentary smile visits for kids aged 5 and under. No obligations, nothing to pay, just our […]

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Make your year to SMILE! – Crystal Smiles

Make your year to SMILE! Why smiling is so important is something most of us done give much thought to.  Smiling is a natural reaction to something that makes us happy.  A familiar face, a good joke, and many other things can trigger a smile.  Whatever the reason may be for smiling, you would certainly agree […]

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Crystal Smiles Dental is Okotoks Family Dentist!

  We know that maintaining your child’s oral health is important which is why we offer convenient children’s services. Family Appointment Booking At Crystal Smiles dental, we know that visiting the dentist is a family event, and we want it to be pleasant and relaxing for all. We offer family member appointment bookings simultaneously to provide convenient […]

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