About Crystal Smiles Dental Clinic

Why Choose Crystal Smiles

At Crystal Smiles dental clinic we live life through love and that comes through in our work. 

We treat all our patients like family and care deeply about your oral health and overall health and wellness.  We always provide our patients with a clear picture of what is going on with their oral health and take the time to understand each patient’s unique needs and accommodate the best we can.

Our teams top priority is your wellbeing!

From first walking into our clinic to the time you leave, you will notice that we are happy to see you and want you to feel welcome, comfortable and safe.

Trust, respect and long term relationships are our goals (objectives). 

front reception Crystal Smiles


Life Through Love


We focus on supporting the community with quality dentistry in a compassionate, fun atmosphere


Fun, Adaptable, Authentic,
Confidence, Accountability

mobile dental bus

How Crystal Smiles Started

Signature Smiles, Dr. Vicki McMullen’s practice in High River, became inaccessible for two months. During that time, patients were being treated in a couple of locations in Okotoks, including out of a U of A mobile dental bus.

Rob Lowe allowed the mobile dental bus to be parked behind one of the buildings he owns. He was very helpful in providing power and water to the bus.

The building the mobile bus once parked behind became the future home for Crystal Smiles in 2014!

Dr. Vicki McMullen took the opportunity of temporarily moving her practicing to Okotoks as an opportunity to expand her dental practice in the Foothills and provide dental services permanently to more community members in Okotoks.