Custom Sport Mouth Guards

Mouthguards for Athletes

We provide custom sport mouth guards for athletes who need them. Proper fitting mouth guards, from a dentist will help protect players from cracked and chipped teeth or even losing teeth. The “boil and bite” mouth guards from drugstores don’t offer a custom-fit like a mouthguard that our dental clinic can customize. If you or a family member play contact sports like hockey, football, lacrosse, or do martial arts or skateboard a custom mouthguard is the way to go.

Benefits of a Custom Sports Mouthguard:

  • A secure and stable fit
  • Protection from tooth loss
  • Protect from concussion
  • Protection of dental work from damage

Professional mouthguards can save you from having expensive restorative treatment later in life if your teeth are chipped or missing. Our team offers tooth bonding for patients who need it, but we also aim to protect healthy natural teeth with measures like custom mouthguards for athletes.