An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating severe tooth diseases that mainly affects the pulp (the interior of teeth). Using innovative procedures to treat dental roots and follicles. The main goal is preserving your natural tooth and to provide pain relief while solving the issues with the infected tooth.

Endodontists can treat a range of dental issues from infected teeth to traumatic injuries. They may save you from having another procedure done, such as removing the tip or cracked piece in order prevent progressive infection within your jaw bone.

Some other procedures they commonly perform include:

    • Root canal treatments and retreatments
    • Internal bleaching corrects discoloration stemming from root canal therapy.
    • Traumatic tooth injury such as cracked teeth
    • Removes the nerve within the tooth and places a filling material to seal the root. This prevents infection progressing deeper into your jaw bone and body.

Endodontic treatments are available through Crystal Smiles.