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Family Dentistry Okotoks

We offer family dentistry to all Okotoks and neighbouring area residents and are happy to provide a family friendly environment where dental care can be a pleasant experience.

We offer preventive care and specific treatments as needed to all your family members regardless of age.

Our well trained family dentists understand that different stages of life require different dental care and we take that in consideration when interacting with you. Our family dentistry includes anything from pediatric dental treatments to restorative therapies for seniors, and everything in-between! 

Here are some of the dental services we offer to your family:


What Is The Advantage Of Okotoks Family Dental?

The concept of family dentistry has gained popularity fairly recently. “Family dentistry” means that all family members visit the same clinic. Why is this important? We all know about heredity, and teeth are no exception. Many dental issues and the general aging of teeth tend to follow patterns similar to our parents. Studies show that 67% of dental health is hereditary, while 33% is influenced by lifestyle. However, if your lifestyle is unhealthy – with no exercise, poor diet, lack of sleep, and bad habits – this 33% can increase significantly, potentially ruining your teeth prematurely.

By leading a healthy lifestyle, family dentistry in Okotoks can help you anticipate potential dental issues and take preventive measures. This is particularly beneficial for children. When a dentist is aware of the parents’ dental predispositions, they can recommend specific toothpaste and procedures from an early age. This proactive approach can greatly improve overall dental health, even considering hereditary factors.

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When we find a dentist we trust, it helps alleviate our fears. This trust only deepens when the entire family sees the same dentist. Many people, especially children, are afraid of dental visits, which causes a lot of stress. Family dentistry aims to reduce this fear and make appointments as pleasant as possible.

Building a trusting relationship with the whole family requires strong communication skills and an understanding of psychology. A good family dentist will know how to make every member of the family feel comfortable and at ease. If you’re looking for a family dentist in Okotoks, you can rely on Crystal Smiles. We offer not only top-notch dental care but also a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere where everyone can feel relaxed and confident about their dental health.