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Make your year to SMILE!

Why smiling is so important is something most of us done give much thought to.  Smiling is a natural reaction to something that makes us happy.  A familiar face, a good joke, and many other things can trigger a smile.  Whatever the reason may be for smiling, you would certainly agree that it feels good!  But did you know that even just forcing yourself to smile has benefits?

The Power Of Smiling

Smiling makes you feel good! Have you ever noticed that you feel better when you smile even if you were feeling sad before? Smiling is something that can lift your mood in almost any situation. It can help you see things in a more positive light.

Boost Your Health

Studies have found that simply exercising your smile muscles signals the release of endorphins.  Your brain will interpret the action of the muscles the same way it does for your natural smile.  Endorphins are the chemicals that help us feel good and lower stress levels.  So smiling just for the sake of smiling can have incredible benefits on your health and well being!

Enhance Your Attractiveness

Let’s face it, a happy face has much more appeal than a moody one!  If you make a conscious effort to look happier, you will have much more eye- catching appearance.  Smiling doesn’t just involve your mouth, but tends to highlight your eyes, as well.  A beautiful and confident smile could be your key to success in closing business deals.

Draw Others To Your Personality

People who smile a lot are generally regarded as being more accepting and trustworthy than someone who doesn’t smile much.  The best way to start any introduction is with a smile!  Whether in business matters or social interactions, your smile is probably your best physical feature.

Appreciate And Maintain Your Smile

Your smile is worth more than you may realize.  Be proactive about protecting your smile.  Practice good oral hygiene to keep your teeth clean, healthy, and strong.  Ask your dental hygienist for recommendations on improving your oral care and preventing disease.  Also talk to your dentist about what you can do to enhance and preserve your smile for life.

3 Ways Smiling Can Improve Your Day

Here are 3 ways smiling can improve your day:

1. Smile at yourself! Try looking in the mirror and smiling at yourself. By doing this and thinking something positive about yourself, you can improve your self-confidence.

2. Smile to brighten someone else’s day! Try smiling at someone who looks like he or she needs a positive boost today. One genuine smile can make a difference in someone’s day. Plus, smiling at someone else can make you feel better and also improve your day in the process.

Just make sure that it’s appropriate to be smiling at the person. For example, if you’re married and you’re smiling at a stranger of the opposite gender, it could be mistaken for flirting. There are certain times and situations where smiling isn’t appropriate, so think about whether it’s appropriate or not and if it could be helpful. If it’s appropriate and could be helpful, smile away!

3. Smile throughout the day! Is there any harm in smiling throughout the day? Yes, in serious situations a smile may not be appropriate. However, you may be surprised at how often a smile is not only appropriate but could help you enjoy your day and life more. Try smiling as much as possible throughout the day. It could be your goal to see how often during the day you can smile.

Smiling To Brighten Your Life And The World

The world could be a brighter place if we would all smile ourselves and smile at each other more. You may notice at first that it feels strange to smile a lot, or your facial muscles may become tired. This is a sign that smiling is something you may not have been doing often.

The next time you are feeling stressed out, nervous, down, or just needing a lift, try smiling and thinking of something positive. A smile can brighten your day and someone else’s, too.


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Thankfully, all hope is not lost in regards to a “bad smile.” Advances in dentistry now gives us the tools we need to bring your smile back to beaming. Restorative and cosmetic procedures can improve or even completely transform the appearance of your smile, giving you back your self-confidence and your ability to face the world boldly. If you think you’d be a great candidate for cosmetic dentistry procedures, schedule an appointment today.

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