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5 Ways to Keep Your Family’s Teeth Clean and Health

Crystal Smiles your local dental clinic in Okotoks wants you to keep your family’s teeth as clean and healthy as possible!

Here are five great ways to help your kids do just that:


1) Brush your teeth at least twice a day

Making sure your kids brush their teeth twice a day is essential for strong, healthy teeth that will last into adulthood. Family dental professionals emphasize the importance of early establishing good dental hygiene habits. To help encourage your children to brush their teeth twice a day, make it fun! Try playing a two-minute “brush challenge” or setting up rewards, such as a star chart or stickers when they complete their morning and evening brushing routines. By making it an enjoyable experience, they’re more likely to take ownership of their dental care and stick with it in the long run!


2) Floss daily

Getting kids to floss can be a challenge. Establishing flossing as part of a regular routine helps children develop healthy habits that they can take with them for a lifetime. At Crystal Smiles (your family-friendly dental office in Okotoks) we suggest incorporating fun activities into flossing time. Participating in an activity with your children could help keep their interest, such as playing a silly game while they brush and floss or singing cheerful songs to accompany their routine, or counting their teeth while they floss are great ways to make it fun. It’s also a good way for adults in the family to floss as well 😉


3) Use mouthwash to reduce cavity-causing bacteria.

Dentists recommend a multi-step approach to fighting cavities, and one of the most effective parts of this battle plan is mouthwash. Mouthwash can reduce cavity-causing bacteria and make toothbrushing even more effective. For children (and adults) we like Opti rinse or any other mouthwash that contains some fluoride (as it is not available in local water sources).  The excellent combination of bruising your teeth, flossing, and a good mouthwash will help you keep your teeth healthy and strong for many years to come. Try adding it to your oral care routine today!


4) Avoid sugary snacks and drinks.

Eating too much sugar can have lasting negative implications for your teeth. We often see patients who have suffered from cavities, tooth decay, and enamel erosion as a direct result of regularly consuming too much sugar. Sugary treats are tasty and easy to find almost everywhere – but the truth is that sugar takes away minerals from the top layer of the tooth, resulting in weak teeth with more likely damage from other oral bacteria. Try to enjoy treats in moderation.


5) Schedule regular dental check-ups

Regular dental check-ups may not be high on your list of priorities, but having them on a regular basis is essential to maintaining excellent oral health. Scheduling visits every six months helps prevent cavities and gum disease before they become serious. During these visits, dentists look for potential problems like plaque buildup and weakened enamel so that they can treat them quickly to save you pain and money in the long run. Establishing a good relationship with your dentist also helps ensure that any signs of oral conditions are caught early when treatments are most effective. Overall, investing time in regular dental check-ups will improve long-term dental health and peace of mind.

Our team of dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants in Okotoks are proud to provide excellent services to help you protect your family’s oral health.