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Snowy Day Dental Fun

Snowy Day Dental Fun

Is it snowing and need a fun game to play with the kids? Children learn through playing, so why not use this snowy day as an opportunity to teach your children about dental health? Try one of our fun dental games on a snowy day to introduce your kids to good dental hygiene!

Eat this, not that! Game

Grab a stack of old magazines or newspapers and find all the photos containing food and drink. Ask your kids to cut out the photos and organize the different food and drink pictures into two categories: One pile will be the foods and drinks that are bad for your teeth, and the other pile of photos will be the ones that are good for your teeth.

For example, soda will go in the bad pile and cheese or milk will go in the good pile. Then, take a big piece of construction paper or poster board and draw a large tooth on it. Take a second piece of poster board and make a second tooth, identical to the first. Then, designate one a happy and healthy tooth and the other a sad and infected tooth. Have your kids glue all the photos of the good foods inside the borders of the healthy tooth and all the photos of junk food inside the borders of the unhealthy tooth. Talk with your kids throughout the activity about which foods are good for your teeth and which foods are bad for your teeth, and why. At the end, you can hang your posters up by your kitchen as a reminder to your little ones!

Happy tooth wand

Make a happy tooth wand as a fun arts and crafts activity. Take a white poster board and stencil a tooth shape on it. Cut out the tooth and glue or attach it to a craft stick to create a wand. Then decorate your tooth by adding wiggly eyes, facial features, a nose, a mouth, glitter, and any other decorations your kids want to add. Then teach your kids the following song:

If you have happy teeth, wave your wand! If you have happy teeth, wave your wand! Brush them, floss them, make them clean! Keep the bad decay away. So your happy teeth will smile every day!

Flossing Game with Play-doh

Get a handful of large legos and then fill in the grooves with play-doh. Give your kids some yarn and have them “floss” the play-doh from between the grooves of the legos. Teach your kids how important it is to clean the play-doh from the legos, and relate it to their teeth and the plaque that builds up.

Teaching kids early on in life about dental hygiene is important because it creates a foundation for a lifetime of good oral health habits. Make an appointment for your family today at Crystal Smiles. We love to see your family’s smile!