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Get Your Confident and Beautiful Smile Back with Teeth Whitening!

A Brighter And Whiter Smile Within Your Reach!

The team at Crystal Smiles wants to give you back your beautiful, confident smile.

We understand that having a great smile is important with having confidence in all aspects of your life, whether at work, at home or in a social setting.

We offer professional teeth whitening services guaranteed to whiten and brighten your smile. While teeth whitening is often considered to be a cosmetic procedure, it is also considered to be a necessity for those who have discoloured teeth due to medications or because of an illness.

Teeth whitening has become more affordable and accessible these days because dentists understand that there are many causes for teeth to become discoloured and stained, and everyone deserves to have a great smile.

It’s also natural for our teeth to become stained over time, and all of us will experience some type of discolouration at some point. How much will depend on our age, the foods we eat, whether we drink coffee, tea, juices or wine, and habits such as smoking, which can cause teeth to become greyish or yellow over time.

At Crystal Smiles, we offer a teeth whitening system that can either be done in the office or at home, or a combination of both.

Custom fitted whitening trays

We will create a custom-fitted tray where the whitening gel will be placed and that will perfectly, and comfortably, fit your teeth. You can continue to visit the office for follow-up whitening treatments, or do them at home until you achieve your desired results.  This treatment has been proven to be not just effective but also, more important, safe for your mouth and teeth. It will not affect the integrity or strength of your teeth, and the result will be that your teeth are stain-free and up to 10 shades lighter than before. It is a pain-free procedure, but some people may experience some tooth sensitivity that will disappear in a couple of days.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom! is a professional teeth whitening treatment that gets your teeth an average of eight shades whiter – in just one hour. The treatment is safe, simple, and relaxing!

About the process:
  • To prepare for Zoom! whitening, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy
  • Your lips and gums will be covered with an isolation material to protect them during the treatment.
  • Then, we apply the Zoom! whitening gel, which is activated by the Zoom! light source. The gel and light work together to gently break up the stains on your teeth.
  • After three 15-minute applications within one hour, you rinse and the treatment is complete – leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile.

If you are interested in having your teeth professionally whitened, or to book a free consultation, call the team at Crystal Smiles at 587.757.9809 today. The dental office is located at Suite 108- 26 Crystal Ridge Drive Okotoks, Alberta.

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