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How to avoid tooth pain this winter

How to avoid tooth pain this winter Tooth pain can become unbearable during the winter months.  Cold air and freezing temperatures can affect your teeth causing them to become increasingly sensitive. Here are 10 Dental care tips that will help you protect your teeth and reduce the risk of uncomfortable tooth pain: Don’t over brush […]

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Use it or lose it: Dental Benefits

Dental Benefits Here we are not too far from 2017, and you probably don’t realize that using your dental insurance by the end of the year can save you hundreds of dollars! This means that if you need dental work or a cleaning, then take full advantage of your dental benefits before your insurance calendar […]

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Colds and your teeth

Protect Your Teeth During This Cold & Flu Season Now that the days are getting colder and shorter here, it’s a great time to talk about how colds can effect your teeth.   We have come up with a variety of ways that the cold and flu can mess up your oral health: We drink acidic beverages: […]

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