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What Could Be Causing My Jaw Pain?

What could be causing my Jaw Pain?

Jaw pain could be caused by a variety of things and it is best to see your dentist in order to narrow down the root cause before jumping to the worst case scenario. Your Dentist will be able to help prevent the aches and pains if caught soon enough, and if not, they are have the knowledge and connections to send you to the right place and someone who can help.

Typical causes of jaw pain:

Everyday routine- something as simple as sleeping on the same side every night or sleeping without your head properly positioned or holding a phone between your shoulder and ear. These little things can cause you a lot of pain later on.

Clenching and grinding- many people have a tendency to clench their jaw or grind their teeth. This may happen consciously (while awake) or unconsciously (while sleeping). For those who do it while awake it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that this can be causing your jaw discomfort; however, those of you who doing while sleeping and are unaware, you must be surprised that this pain could be coming from something you had no idea you were even doing.

Eating of chewy and stick foods- did you know that if you are someone who is constantly eating foods that are chewy and sticky you could be causing the jaw joint and the muscles to be overworked. Just like any joint or muscle in your body, over usage can cause aches, pains, and even in some cases, damage.

Stress- when someone is stressed they tend to clench their teeth without even realizing that it is happening.

Sinus Infections- due to swelling and blockages in the maxillary sinus due to an infection you could experience upper jaw discomfort.

Cavities or infections- if you have a cavity or an infection of the gums you may also notice that the jaw is extra tender and sensitive. This can be addressed with a filling and cleaning in most cases.

Alignment & Spacing of teeth- it is quite common for people that have an improper/misalignment of their bite (malocclusion) to experience jaw pain due to not chewing and biting properly.

Tetanus (Lock Jaw) – causes the muscles of the jaw to continuously contract and making it so that the jaw has a hard time opening or closing properly.

When you are experiencing this pain it is best for you to take a look at this list and assess if any of the typical causes apply to you. Is it something that you can fix and change on your own? Or even better, make an appointment with one of the dentists on our team to help you assess where your pain could be coming from. The solution to your problem could be as simple as avoiding certain foods, wearing a headset while on the phone rather than using your shoulder. Learn to relax your jaw in stressful situations, or have a guard made for you while you are sleeping.

Other options may be more difficult or costly but no matter what, you do not want to live with these symptoms as it can only cause more damage the longer it goes without treatment.

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