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Teens and their teeth = self image & confidence

Teens and their teeth = self-image & confidence

There are a number of common dental concerns that occur in teens. From oral hygiene issues to crooked and crowding teeth, from cavities to wisdom teeth pain, preventative care and early detection can make these common problems much easier to deal with and solutions faster for your teens and teeth issues.

Lacking the proper knowledge on preventative oral care is an issue many teens face.  It is vital that they understand the importance of good oral health and how it is vital for their overall health.  Developing good habits of brushing and flossing on a twice daily basis will greatly reduce the likelihood of cavities and plaque building up around teeth and gums.  Lack of proper brushing and flossing can lead to tooth decay, cavities, gum diseases or more serious dental issues.  Furthermore, poor oral hygiene has been linked to cardiovascular disease, the number one killer in America.

Cavities are one of the most common concerns among teens.  The good news is that cavities can be prevented through good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing, and incorporating a healthy diet.   Avoiding sugary foods and drinks such as candies or soda pop will also help with cavity prevention and can improve overall gum and tooth health.

Common orthodontic concerns that occur in teens such as teeth growing irregularly, crowding, crooked or gapped teeth are often treated with braces. Invisalign can be a great solution for your teen!  See Dr. Vicki McMullen for more information and to see if Invisalign is the treatment for you!

Some teens may be uncomfortable with the appearance of their smile if there are spaces, crowding, crooked or chipped teeth. This can affect their overall self-esteem.  Additionally, misplaced teeth can make it more difficult to clean properly, which may result in problems later on.   If the problem does not require orthodontic treatment, there are many cosmetic dentistry options such as veneers, bonding and crowns that can help your teen find their beautiful smile and the self confidence it brings.

Wisdom teeth often cause problems for teens as this is a common time for the wisdom teeth to begin to emerge. Wisdom teeth generally require being removed as they can cause pain and problems to molars.  Wisdom teeth which are not removed can also contribute to diseases of the gums.

Regular dental visits for cleanings and checkups will help teens maintain a healthy, happy smile and will remind them of the importance of oral health.    Call Dr. Vicki McMullen at (587)757-9809 for an appointment. Our friendly professional staff at Crystal Smiles is ready to get your teen on the path to beautiful healthy teeth!